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A late fall image made at the incredible Bedford Village Inn.  Krystal & Ryan had a wonderful day; little wind and cool weather.  They were both wonderful to photograph as it was just cold enough to cause goose bumps on all of the girls, but they were able to get through all of the outdoor photos with grace.  I love photographing weddings as you never have two alike - a true challenge!  Enjoy!


This image was made at Brittany & Mike's wedding held at Atkinson Resort.  Another awesome couple and a beautiful fall day.  What a great way to make a living!!  I have been so blessed to be able to do this for so many years.


Amy & Ryan's wedding was held at the beautiful Zorvino Vineyards.  I had a blast working with both of them; they were willing to try and do just about anything I asked - this always makes for great photos!!  They totally trusted what I was trying to accomplish.  Plus, they were so much fun and energetic.  Enjoy!


This romantic image was made at Kayla and Jimmy's wedding held at Zorvino Vineyards.  The flowers were amazing and I just had to incorporate the beautiful flowers with the very handsom couple.  Enjoy!


This stunning image of a beautiful bride was photographed by my associate photographer Samantha.  Beautiful window light, stunning bride and the right pose to top it off!  Enjoy!


This sunset image was made at Meredyth & Jeff's wedding held on September 2nd at the beautiful Sky Meadow Country Club in Nashua NH.  They were such an amazing couple to photograph; so much feeling and emotion from both of them!  Enjoy.


Okay, so there are two images for this week.  This is Erin & Ethan's large and extremely fun wedding party images.  These were made at Birch Wood Vineyards in Derry, NH.  Enjoy!


This beautiful sunset image was made at the appropriately named "Sky Meadow Country Club" in Nashua, NH.  Lauren & Mike had great weather on their wedding day including this amazing sunset.


This rainbow image was made last weekend at Jenn & Jeff's wedding which was held at the amazing Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH.  Not only is it a wonderful facility, but the staff is amazing.  I was inside doing some special images that the couple wanted and one of the waitresses came up to me and told me that there was currently a rainbow over the vineyard.  Needless to say we hurried out to capture this image.  Enjoy!


This image was made while photographing Craig & Christine's wedding at the stunning Iberostar Resort in Jamaica.  We were having a thunderstorm when the ceremony was about to begin, but luckily they were able to delay the start of their ceremony about 30 minutes (then is was raining lightly).  All of my time with Craig & Christine was cloudy but when it started to get dark we did have some breaks of color.   It is so rewarding to have the experience to be able to capture what my couples have invisioned for their special day no matter what the weather brings!!  Enjoy.


Okay, this image was made while on a recent bicycle trip in North Carolina.  We were on a ferry traveling towards the Outer Banks and some kids were feeding the birds from thier hands (visible in the bottom of the photo).  It seemed as if the birds were taking turns with the food.


This image is from Lauren & Mike's wedding held on April 1st.  I was going to walk in with my iPhone as a joke, but decided that the snow storm was joke enough for anyone to handle.  They were awesome to work with; so much in love with such great senses of humor - loved, loved photographing them both.  This image was shot all natural light using my Sony A7S2 with my 25mm f/2 lens - 1/100 @ f2 iso 6400.  Enjoy!


This Fairytail image was made on a cold January day at the amazing Searles Castle in Windham, NH.  Karen absolutely loved horses (and all animals for that matter) and just had to have a horse and buggy at her wedding.  My associate photographer (Phil) captured Karen kissing the horse just before they got in and were trotted away to the stone bridge on the property.


This image was made at Christine and Ryan's wedding held on February 25th at Birch Wood Vineyards.  Again, it was a beautiful day with lots of sun.  Even though I normally do not photograph formal photos in direct sun, I happened to notice Christines stunning eyes when she looked at me.  I love the color of her eyes (which really show when the pupils are constricted from the direct sun) and they matched the color of the background and her hair - perfect.  With the addition of her amazing flowers to add some color it all came together.  Image was shot with a Nikon D4S and a 24-120 lens (1/1000 sec @f5.6 ISO 250).


I love working with my second photographers!!  This image was captured by Janelle who was shooting with a 24-120 mm lens wide open, f4 @120mm Nikon D3S, and from a totally different angle from me.  She really captured the fun of this moment.  I loved Allison's Sapphire Shoes - so in production I changed the image to B&W and brought back the color of her shoes.  Matt's expression tells the whole story of how much in love they are.  Their wedding was held at the brand new and stunning Birch Wood Vineyards in Derry, NH.  Enjoy!


I really enjoy wandering around during the coctail hour taking candid images of friends and family having a good time.  This is one reason I highly recommend doing the First Look before the ceremony - this gives the couple time to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with friends and family.  For me it is a wonderful time to capture true emotions not only of the couple but all of their guests as well (when are you going to have all of these special people together again)!  I like to shoot all natural light and wide open with my super fast Zeiss lenses.  This image was made with a Sony A7S2 and a Zeiss 55mm 1.8 lens.  Image was shot at 1/60 sec. f1.8 ISO 1600.  Enjoy!


This image was made at Devanie & Jason's wedding which was held at the stunning Birch Wood Vineyards on January 21st.  Devanie absolutely loved the bar and wanted to have an image made of her actually on the bar.  The natural lighting is just perfect (I wonder who designed this).  I used the hanging lights as my main source and had to position Devanie just right so the light would acentuate her features and gown.  I wanted a little more light on the veil so I had my associtate photographer (Kate) go behind the bar and use one of our video lights (color balanced to the hanging lights) to add some detail to the veil.  This image was made with a Sony A7S2 and a 25mm f2 lens (1/60th of a sec at f5 ISO 5000).